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While no one should be subjected to his abusive nature, younger artists are typically more willing to deal with the bullshit. But Suge kept that same energy with Pac, Snoop, and Dr. It was only a matter of time before they parted ways. Master P PUT money in rap.

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Big difference. When I was on Death Row Records, we made a lot of fucking money. Suge Knight controlled it all. Everything was in his name. He controlled the money, distributed it out, and gave you what he felt you should have. We got a lot of money, but it may not have been what we were supposed to have.

He started a label to combat the industry, but became a worse version of the problem that he wanted to address. Like Death Row, both labels negotiated favorable revenue splits with major labels and still owned their masters. But unlike Death Row, they both developed the raw, young talent on their rosters.

Master P got Silkk the Shocker and his off-beat bars to go double platinum. And Cash Money, despite its problematic business model, had enough structure in place for B. None of that existed at Death Row. By , the label had over 40 acts signed! Death Row had enough people signed to run its own Above the Rim -style basketball tournament, but the only ones who dropped solo albums in that time were Dre, Snoop, Tupac, and Tha Dogg Pound.

This was supposed to be a sales pitch.


An east coast artist should have watched this and perked up at the opportunity to join Death Row. But even if he did, Death Row East would have still crashed and burned. Pac and Suge wanted a hostile takeover, but Death Row had no clout to pull that off. Bashing east coast rappers is a foolish way to attract east coast rappers.

A better approach would have been to secure a few east coast artists who could stand alongside Pac and Suge at that interview.

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It would have shown traction. Death Row East could have still planned to overtake Bad Boy and compete head-to-head, but could have toned it down for the sales pitch. But that was unlikely to happen. Neither Pac nor Suge were ones to keep their desires close to the chest. Suge deserves some credit for landing Tupac, but he still fumbled the bag. Death Row had the potential to further capitalize on its run. Had Suge stopped the violence and bully tactics, Dr. What comfort can any artist offer in the face of such existential threats?

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Was it always an illusion? Lana can offer no consolation, only a prolonged goodbye, concluding the song on a nearly two-minute outro, until she finally runs out of words to say. Near the end of the video, where she sings and frolicks in docks and old bars , she symbolically puts her microphone back on its stand. Amidst the turmoil of early , Lana Del Rey did the unthinkable: she wrote a song with no darkness, no contradictions, just love.

Snoop Dogg Says Top Dawg Entertainment Is "A Better Version" Of Death Row Records

In the most shocking move of all, in the music video and the album cover, Lana actually smiles. First, those verses -- her voice unusually hushed, driven by gentle guitar brushstrokes and restless, skittering drums.

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His production, with its cavernous, chamber pop strings, is breathtaking -- and the arguably superior Dan Heath orchestral version , used in the music video, is even more immersive. Both the film and F. The music video, directed by Chris Sweeney and Sophie Muller, lets you imagine. Youth and beauty are fleeting, but the fear of loneliness is eternal. You expect a different outcome each time, but the song always plays out the same way.

His cool, stoic nature draws her to him, yet it keeps them distant, trapped in an illusion of love, without intimacy.

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Art, like love, is supposed to illuminate human nature, but some things are impossible to define. As she vamps over the outro, she ends the song with a drawn-out moan -- a wordless sigh, resigned to her fate. But no, Lana wanted to be a new kind of pop star, one who wrote songs for swaying American flags, chapel ceilings, queens on their throne.

Eminem Releases Preview Of Demo Version Of “Lose Yourself”

The song is a morbid, anthemic death pact, the kind that could only be written by a year-old with a self-proclaimed old soul. As she suffers through a car wreck, flames, and a bloody, beautiful death, she creates a new persona: Lana Del Rey the martyr, an icon of feminine suffering, who would endure the most controversy-ridden press cycle of any new artist this decade, and emerge with her artistic reputation intact.

To many , Lana Del Rey was edgy sad-girl provocation without substance. But back when it first came out, the expectations seemed impossibly high. When you call your debut album Born to Die , where can you possibly go from there?

Far sooner than anyone expected, just eight months after Born to Die , Lana Del Rey returned with an entirely new single. In the minute video, directed by Anthony Mandler, Lana casts herself in her own Easy Rider fantasy. She plays a sex worker who moonlights as a singer, living a mundane existence, until she hooks up with a nomadic biker gang -- the only people in her world who seem truly free. Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?

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I have. I am fucking crazy But I am free. In a twist of cosmic irony, Lou Reed himself was supposed to contribute backing vocals on the song, but died the same day he was scheduled to record.

As powerful as it would have been, the song loses nothing for it. Either way, her fascinatingly blank expressions suggested she knew more than she was letting on. As it reached cultural consciousness, we tried to dissect, demystify, deny its hold upon us How does it feel to be Lana Del Rey in ?

To have lived your whole life under a different name, playing music to no one, then the next eight years in the public eye? In a room so empty you can hear the silence, she sits, almost alone, with her thoughts. When trauma provides a well of inspiration, artists are forced to constantly relive their most intimate moments, commodifying themselves to make a living. She even recorded an entire album, Ultraviolence , that probably should have killed her commercial prospects, but backfired miraculously. Like no other pop star this decade, Lana Del Rey wanted to define herself on her own terms, or not at all.

The truth is, sadness was never the purpose of her music. But still, the process of grieving, learning, and growing never ends, in life or art. Lana Del Rey photographed on Aug. The system features: A new Logix-based unit controller with FactoryTalk View HMIs from Rockwell Automation that enables scalability, allowing the company to apply this solution to a variety of delivery models — from full, turnkey solutions to retrofit and OEM solutions — to meet the needs of virtually any customer.